Euroxx Securities

The company’s experienced managerial staff responsibly and consistently offers high quality services to a wide client network through a wide range of investment products. This is the company’s basic skill for gaining a competitive advantage.

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Brief History

Euroxx was established in 1993 in the form of an investment - consulting company with the distinctive title Euroxx Finance S.A. In 1995, after receiving the relevant licence by the HCMC, the company became a Limited Brokerage Firm - member of the Athens Exchange, under the name Euroxx Securities, providing more comprehensive financial services.

From the beginning, its main operational target were private investors, which enabled the company to achieve a high profit margin and attractive profitability in an already saturated and highly fragmented industry. Over the years, the company has developed important skills and innovations, while preserving a competitive advantage compared to most companies in the industry and offering a more qualitative dimension in the concept of Investment Services Firms.

With an emphasis on technological development, the company was the first in the industry to provide online investment services, expanding the range of provided services even further. For the first time in the Greek market, the clients of a securities company had access not just to a trading platform or to real-time monitoring of the markets from their personal computer, but also to a unique range of superior real-time services available everywhere.

Along with its technological development, the company continued to expand its product portfolio, constantly pursuing to meet its clients’ current and possible future demands. In 1999, the company became a member of the Athens Derivatives Exchange; in 2001, it became a member of EUREX Frankfurt, and in 2006, a member of the Cyprus Stock Exchange, thereby internationalising the composition of its products in a financial market and pulling down the border barriers. The company now provides clients with the ability to carry out transactions in any regulated market in the world, among a vast range of financial products.

In 2006, the company restructured its prevailing (until then) business strategy, moving onto the creation of a group of Foreign Institutional Sales that helped it establish itself as the largest independent brokerage entity in Greece. In 2007, it proceeded to the development of the department of Financial - Investment Banking and Portfolio Management, properly evaluating the robust relationships with its clients who positively evaluated and continue to assess the competence, independence and impartiality of the company regarding the provision of investment advice.

These strategic choices resulted in a rich mixture of provided products and services while preserving competitive advantages through hard efforts that allows the company to develop over time and enables the benefits of this development reach its clients.

Today, Euroxx - listed in the Alternative Market of the Athens Stock Exchange since May 2008 (EX GA) - has created a fully diversified product base, is continuously looking for new development opportunities. Its development initiatives are focused on strengthening the assets of its Portfolio Management and on further expanding its client base, either through organic development or through acquisitions.

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