Portfolio Management

The international money and capital markets present both opportunities and risks capable of reversing the investors’ plans and future desires. The company’s professional management aims to exploit these opportunities, while mitigating the risk level of the clients’ portfolios through modern management tools and autonomous procedures offering maximum flexibility.

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Capital Markets

The company’s Equity Markets department provides consulting services to companies seeking to strengthen their capital adequacy, either through Private Placement or through Public Offering. It offers full support to companies interested in increasing their available funds (issuers) through an integrated process, incorporating necessary structural and regulatory procedures, such as:

  • Writing of Newsletters (Main Market) and Informative Documents (Alternative Market)
  • Elaboration of Business Plans
  • Fundraising & price determination
  • Connection and distribution activities
  • Contact with supervisory bodies
  • Book building management via the HELEX Electronic Book Building (EBB)
  • Moreover, the company maintains the capacity of Alternative Market Director (http://www.helex.gr/el/alternative-sponsors-euroxx-securities-s.a.)
  • Book building management via the HELEX Electronic Book Building (EBB)
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