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The company places great emphasis on its clients’ requirements and needs for accessibility and immediate information. Thus, it enables the real-time monitoring of the market, their personal portfolio, as well as entering of instructions via the electronic platform it has created under the name Z-Trade.

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Long-Term Credit

Credit Provision
The purpose of the credit provision is solely for the purchase of stocks. Under no circumstances may the client take cash from a credit account. It is also prohibited to use a credit account for Initial Public Offering (IPO) or participation in Share Capital Increase (SCI).

The maximum credit limit on association with the client’s Equally-Weighted Portfolio (a weighting which is determined by the company) amounts to € 1,000,000.00. The company has the right to refuse, where appropriate, a purchase or limit balance, despite having approved the limit. If the client's credit has exceeded the ceiling of €1,000,000.00 or the maximum limit approved by the company, then the limit has to return to the ceiling immediately, i.e. the next working day.

Security Portfolio
The Security Portfolio (SP) may consist of:

  • Shares traded on the ASE or other regulated European markets
  • Greek Government Bonds / Greek Treasury Bills (Bonds/T-Bills) traded in the Online Trading of Dematerialised Securities  
  • Other securities issued by a EU Member-State
  • UCITS units or stocks (of Law 4099/2012) and Closed-End Mutual Funds (CMFs) (of Law 2992/2002) traded on a regulated market or a Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF)

The company ensures a sufficient level of differentiation of the SP, aiming at risk dispersion among its data. The SP should be composed of securities of at least three issuers and the value of any item contained in it should not exceed 40% of its current value. When the SP includes UCITS shares or stocks and CMFs, the corresponding percentage is 60%. The SP’s stocks should not be kept under surveillance, suspension or under any other limitation concerning their trading. The rights to participate in the SCI are not part of the SP. The company exclusively decides which shares will be included in the client’s SP, as well as the Weighting Percentage (WP) therein. Dividends cannot be bound and be part of the SP; however, with the client’s permission, they can enhance the Security Margins (SM). Where the SP list of acceptable securities is restructured ​​or if the WPs of the listed shares change, the client must comply immediately or until the deadline provided by the company. These changes are promptly communicated to the client.

Share blocking in the SP shall be done at the client’s instructions. Any share purchase, made by the client using the credit provision, enters the SP; however, it is possible to change the SP data, if no deficit is generated and provided that the new data is bound first, before the old data is released.

The valuation of the SP is carried out at the closure of the current trading session, using the closing prices of the previous trading day. If a share purchase has been made on the same day, the closure of this trading session is used for their valuation. Should a margin surplus arise, the client may purchase new shares, if they so desire, depending on the margin surplus amount, without ever exceeding the approved ceiling.

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