Portfolio Management

The international money and capital markets present both opportunities and risks capable of reversing the investors’ plans and future desires. The company’s professional management aims to exploit these opportunities, while mitigating the risk level of the clients’ portfolios through modern management tools and autonomous procedures offering maximum flexibility.

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Market risk

The Risk Management department’s main systems, methods, and procedures ensure that potential risks are addressed with transparency and accuracy. In order to remove the market risk from transactions, the company has placed proper controls into operation:

  • Implementation and maintenance of the necessary processes, policies and strategies, internal audits and procedures designed to detect and identify errors that may arise.
  • Establishment of an internal risk management framework for the measurement and management of all risk parameters. Such parameters include credit risk, i.e. exposure of the party and counterparty to borrowing; business risk, i.e. interest rate fluctuations, exchange rates, exposure to equities and commodities; and corporate risk, i.e. volatility of volumes, margins and costs.
  • Identification of operational risks, which may appear on a daily basis in the company's procedures.
  • Limitations of the positions that have been determined for all clients and comply with the supervision and controls carried out, using sensitive factors for trading derivatives.
  • Ensures an adequate and effective risk management process in a properly and responsibly designed space.
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