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The company places great emphasis on its clients’ requirements and needs for accessibility and immediate information. Thus, it enables the real-time monitoring of the market, their personal portfolio, as well as entering of instructions via the electronic platform it has created under the name Z-Trade.

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Private Investors

From the very first day of operation, the company’s main objective was to provide the private investor with the best possible integrated investment services. The company is looking for long-term solutions for the optimal response to its clients’ investment needs and requirements, while maintaining high expertise and specialisation through the continuous training of its staff and the enrichment of its human resources.

The major changes that have occurred in the investment industry since the early ‘90s, when the company’s activity commenced, have been absorbed by investors, who now present more complex needs and concentrate on more specialised products. So far, the company has managed to respond with immediacy and consistency to the demands of the ever-changing investment scene, responding to competition by providing a wide range of investment products and options, both in Greece and in international markets, either directly or by entering into strategic partnerships with international investment firms of some renown.

In order to disseminate its services as effectively as possible, the company has managed to create a strong sales team, which geographically extends across Greece and consists of Tied Agents, Investment Intermediaries and Investment Firms. This team directly corresponds to the investment needs of almost 50,000 company clients, so that they are able to make appropriate investment decisions on the allocation of their assets. The transition from the ‘90s traditional stockbroker into the current-day integrated financial consultant was entirely successful for the company, which in today's challenging financial environment, can productively process its clients’ investment profiles and present investment proposals, based on primary analysis and optimal asset allocation in the proper categories.

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