Portfolio Management

The international money and capital markets present both opportunities and risks capable of reversing the investors’ plans and future desires. The company’s professional management aims to exploit these opportunities, while mitigating the risk level of the clients’ portfolios through modern management tools and autonomous procedures offering maximum flexibility.

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Research & Analysis

The company provides an independent, insightful and decisive qualitative economic analysis, placing emphasis on the quality of both its employees and its products. The company is constantly aiming at creating investment ideas with added value for its client base, as well as a clear view of the market which will involve investment opinions and perspectives, beyond the obvious. Despite the fact that the company's analysis team supports the principle of the sale, it integrates a purchasing approach of the shares, and the performance of its recommendations is an important factor in the evaluation of its estimates.

The Analysis department has created a basic stock coverage list which includes 14 companies listed on the Athens Stock Exchange included in the FTSE 25 and FTSE 40 indices.
The sectors included in the additional coverage list are:

  • Banks-Financial Services
  • Real Estate
  • Travel & Leisure
  • Construction-Materials
  • Gambling Games
  • Industry
  • Retail
  • Telecommunications

In addition, the company’s Analysis department regularly provides its clients with:

  • Daily Newsletters. They include all the latest macroeconomic, corporate and general economic news.
  • Companies Reports. These include result estimates, brief interpretation of the figures immediately after the announcement of the results and a possible review of their valuation, informative announcements on various corporate news. Annual average reports: fifteen (15) per company.
  • Aggregated Analyses in every economic sector with emphasis on the banking sector.
  • Short occasional updates on macroeconomic developments, such as monthly reports on the rate of credit expansion and deposits, reports of the Bank of Greece combined with the essential elements of the banking system, etc.
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