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The international money and capital markets present both opportunities and risks capable of reversing the investors’ plans and future desires. The company’s professional management aims to exploit these opportunities, while mitigating the risk level of the clients’ portfolios through modern management tools and autonomous procedures offering maximum flexibility.

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With a decisive change in client targeting, the company is entering the second decade of activity, turning its business attention to institutional clients, a move that established it as the largest independent investment services provider in Greece.

From the very beginning, the Financial Analysis department, which laid the foundation for the gradual remarkable growth in institutional sales, was the backbone that was associated with the successful redefinition of the company’s strategy. The close interaction of the Sales department with the Analysis department was another key ingredient of success, since the experienced sales team managed to successfully promote the reports conducted by the Analysis team, thus providing institutional clients with the company’s independent, objective view.

The company's ability to penetrate and highlight the strengths of listed companies to potential investors, proved an important parameter in the enhancement of its investment proposals and potential. The Road Shows, which took place in several European countries and the USA, received significant acceptance by institutional investors and helped create a proper understanding of the potential and prospects of the local market.

The company currently employs a highly trained work force with a extensive experience in the financial markets, and its client base consists mainly of international financial firms and end clients. The high level of organisation and specialisation allows the company to fulfil its clients’ wishes with speed and accuracy.

Other than its experienced staff, the trading software that is adapted to the company’s needs is also among the company’s strong advantages. The trading practices used are sustained with the MiIFID Directive, ensuring the best order execution policy for clients. The company's software systems offer FIX and DMA connections through established international providers (AUTEX, FIDESSA, BBG, RADIANCE, etc).

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