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The company places great emphasis on its clients’ requirements and needs for accessibility and immediate information. Thus, it enables the real-time monitoring of the market, their personal portfolio, as well as entering of instructions via the electronic platform it has created under the name Z-Trade.

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Short-Term Credit (T+2)

Under current provisions, where a cash transaction is concluded for shares listed on the ASE, the principal (client) of the Company must pay the purchase price to the member no later than the third working day after the conclusion of the transaction (T+2).

The company can provide the same client with credits for a period equal to the transactions clearance time (i.e. the time period between T+2 and T+4, where T is the day the transaction was concluded). The beginning of credit shall be calculated from the payment of the share purchase price by the company for the purpose of clearing the financial transaction, and ends with the repayment of the credit. Therefore, the client pays interest from the day the credit was provided, i.e. the day on which the company shall pay the relevant securities transaction disbursing from its own cash the price of the shares purchased, without the client having already paid the entire value. It is the client’s obligation to maintain a Security Portfolio, which exceeds the rate of 40% of the current value of their portfolio (this refers to stocks included in the index FTSE/ATHEX 25).

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